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FEEL BETTER at Shore Massage!

Are you suffering from chronic pain or elevated levels of stress and you just want something to help you feel better? We're here for you!

Therapeutic Massage with the friendly & experienced professionals at Shore Massage in Manasquan is a sure way to get you on the fast track to feeling better.​


Attention To Detail

We include all the details necessary to your specific needs- meaning there's no extra charge for advanced massage techniques.


Full-Time Sessions

An hour massage is a full 60 minutes hands on. Thirty minutes between clients means no rush- we can relax and take our time.


Service You Can Trust

With over 600 Glowing Reviews from satisfied customers, you can be sure you're going to get a good massage! Check out our testimonials :)



At Shore Massage, we're here to help you feel better with Integrative Therapeutic Massage at our convenient location in Manasquan, NJ. To get started, select your therapist below and follow the steps to schedule an appointment. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email with important information about your appointment as well as your therapist's contact information.

Melissa Grossman, LMT & Owner

Melissa has built a successful practice helping her clients manage chronic pain & stress since 2002. Not your average massage therapist, sessions with Melissa are deeply relaxing and goal oriented.

Learn more about working with Melissa here.


Victoria Free, LMT

In practice since 2010, Victoria is known for her warm touch, good energy and ability to blend a firm relaxation massage with specific myofascial techniques. She enjoys working to help relieve low back/neck/shoulder pain and sciatica as well as tendonitis elbow. Victoria has a special place in her heart for oncology massage after seeing family members struggle through chemotherapy treatments.

BOOK NOW with Victoria


Conveniently located in beautiful Manasquan, NJ, the experienced, professional and friendly massage therapists at Shore Massage are here to help you FEEL BETTER with fully customized Integrative Therapeutic Massage.

From deep & rehabilitative to light & relaxing, sessions are custom tailored to suit your needs. In this results oriented work, both the client and practitioner have a shared goal of achieving positive changes within  the body- generally through a series of regular sessions.

Our goal is to help you feel great in your body so you can get back to focusing on the things that matter to you most. Opened in 2010 by Master Massage Therapist Melissa Grossman, the practitioners at Shore Massage are well known for their exceptional skill and integrity- collecting almost 600 five star reviews since opening. 

Our clients are invested in their health and depend on regular massage sessions to keep their bodies feeling great. They choose Shore Massage to help decompress from the aches and pains of daily life, alleviate chronic headaches, recover from surgeries & injuries, improve athletic performance and just plain relax.

Our space is designed for your comfort (and set up for just one client at a time). Peaceful and cozy, we use a heated massage table, dim lighting, soft music, aromatherapy and a personal far infrared sauna* to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. *Far infrared saunas use light to create heat... mimicking the feeling of sunbathing. There are many health benefits to using the sauna (weight loss pain relief, lower blood pressure, etc) but the main reason we love it is to "warm you up" before your massage, thus creating a more effective session. 

Located at 200 Atlantic Ave in Manasquan, NJ.


Acute & Chronic alike, our therapeutic sessions are focused on giving you the relief you need- right where you need it. Back/neck pain, sciatica, tmj, etc- we've seen it all and can help.


Migraines, tension, cluster... nothing is new to us. Let us help you break the cycle and get back to a happy, pain free life.


Athletes NEED regular massage- it's a must to prevent injuries and improve your performance whether you're a professional or an avid gym-lover.


Who doesn't suffer from stress, right? It's a part of life. But, when your levels are elevated for extended periods of time you are doing great damage. Let's help you get back on track.

Gift Certificates

Know someone that needs us? Get them a gift certificate! Instant Gift Certificates may be printed out or emailed directly to the lucky recipient. Want a physical card? Get in touch with us and we'll make arrangements for pick-up.


Your First Session

Ahh... it's finally time to relax. The friendly and experienced professionals at Shore Massage are committed to providing an enjoyable experience- every time. Here's what you can expect at your first session.

MEET & GREET. Upon arrival at Shore Massage, you will be greeted by your therapist. We will chat about the intake form you filled out online prior to your arrival, the reasons for your visit and any specific areas you would like to address during your massage. 

GETTING PREPARED. Your massage session is in a tranquil, private room. Your therapist will leave the room to allow you to disrobe and lay down on the table under the top sheet. You may prefer to completely disrobe or remain partially clothed. During your session, your therapist will only uncover the area of your body being worked on.

DURING YOUR SESSION. It’s all about you. Let your therapist know if anything needs to be adjusted to make you more comfortable- pressure, temperature, music, etc. Communication is key to receiving the most effective treatment for achieving your relaxation and wellness goals. 

STAY RELAXED. During your massage, relax your body and your mind. Breathe normally and try not to tighten or contract your muscles. Your therapist will ask you to let them know if any of the techniques are causing discomfort or pain.

AFTER YOUR SESSION. When your massage is complete, your therapist will leave the room so you may dress and be waiting at the desk with a glass of water.

WRAPPING UP. Your therapist will ask how you're feeling and share how they felt about the session and discuss the best treatment plan for your wellness goals, while processing your payment and making your next appointment.


Please read through our frequently asked questions and policies prior to scheduling your appointment.



Due to the nature of our work, we do not answer the phone. We encourage everyone to please use our online scheduling system or shoot us a message if you need assisstance.


Appointments are required- we do not accept walk-ins. Even for gift certificate sales. Please purchase online or contact us to make arrangements for pick-up.


We only have one massage room. Single client sessions are our focus and we do not offer "couples" massage.


Yes, we do prenatal massage. We love to help moms get relief from pregnancy discomforts.


If you must reschedule, please allow 24 hours notice to avoid a late fee.


WE ARE A PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE THERAPY BUSINESS, AND DO NOT TOLERATE "NONSENSE" OF ANY KIND. We have a zero tolerance policy and report ALL inappropriateness to the police.

Get in Touch!

Need assistance with scheduling? Have a question? Message us here and we'll get back to you soon :)

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